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Led by Eric Behanzin, Explosive Business is an International Business Coaching Company where we empower entrepreneurs to
massively increase their sales in a few months.

Explosive Business is present in more than 21 cities around the world: Paris, London, Zurich, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Toronto, Melbourne, Dubai, Singapore…


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Discover the most exclusive and efficient club to grow your business

12 days Eric Behanzin


The inspiring story of an entrepreneur who spent 12 days alone without food or water creating a method to make you rich, happy and proud of yourself.

You are probably wondering why would an entrepreneur spend 12 days alone without food or water?

Extreme tiredness, health issues, a challenge and a need for answers…

Two days before he left, Eric’s intuition led him to write a book. But when he arrived at the house, he discovered what really lied ahead…

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When a friend told me to read the book 12 days from Eric, I was skeptical at first. But with what I discovered inside, I told myself that I could do more than what I was doing, so I increased the price of my services from 10k to 50k by adding more value to it. And it worked!! I immediately found 3 clients for it.
So I had to meet Eric in person. Since then my business just exploded. After one weekend I added even more value to my product, raised the price for 100k and sold 4 of them, right away!
We are 8 months later and in this last period of 5 months I made 1.3 million of euros in sales with my 150k star offer in real estate that guarantee my clients a 10k benefits monthly. That’s what I call an explosion of my business.

William S.Expert in Real-Estate and High-Yield Investments

Eric is the kind of person that I know has not only the skills but the values and the qualities and the experience to take me to where I want to be, because he has done it and so he understands.

Marene T.Business Coach

Before Explosive Business, I was asking myself these questions:
"Who is going to give me 100K€ for a product?"
"Who am I to recieve that much?".

Once I engaged myself to join the Private Club,
I made 60K€ of sales even before starting the program.
Now after working with Explosive Business,
I was able to make one million in 5 months and 4 days.

I'm not asking myself if it's possible anymore,
I'm asking "Who can I help next?".

Xolali Z.Crypto millionaire

I knew my potential was huge but I didn't know how to achieve it. And I knew in my gut that Eric was someone who can help me get there. So I followed my instinct, and I did what I had to do to get in that seminar with him.
You are full of greatness, and what Eric does is that he find that greatness in you. So no matter where you are in life if you want to be great and make a lot of money, if you want to have a great business then this is the place you need to be.

Dr. Mahmood M.Platform Sales Speaker

Before knowing Eric, I didn’t really have goals and was living for myself, without even knowing what I wanted to do in my life.
After a weekend with Eric, I had a plan for the next 5 years and I knew myself and what I want to do and not to do.
Right now, we are 6 months in with the program, and I already sold for 850k euros of my high-yield crypto investment offer where people make 50% benefits in a year. My offer starts at 50k and yesterday I just signed a client for 100k. There is no limit anymore. Thanks Explosive Business.

Alessandro L.Crypto Investor Expert

Working with Explosive Business is a discovery of oneself. It's finding out what's your True Gift and focus on that.
I will be grateful forever !
Once you're working on your sweet spot, your business explodes because you know the value you bring to the market and you price accordingly without shame or hesitation.
Since Explosive Business, I'm not selling anymore, I'm helping my customers by bringing tons of value to them.

Joel B.Golf coach

I went to this event for three very specific things: Enhancing my emotional connection to my clients, Empowering my capacity to sell, Having a meta vision of my business. Eric delivered them all with brio, and now I'm ready to scale and duplicate my business.

David B.Branding expert

Eric helped me change everything in the way I was doing business. Last week for example I had a phone call with a potential client and I closed him for a 60k euros contract. 3 months ago I didn't know that I could do that.

Francois D.Real Estate Investor, ICO Expert

What I appreciate with working with Eric, it's his ability to identify very quickly the problem and go directly to address it.
Even after attending many clubs and masterminds before, I have never met somebody like him.

Stephanie W.Intuitive Coach